Looking for New Directors! 

August 20, 2020

Dear Michigan Lean Consortium Colleague,

We are excited to announce that the cycle to elect two new MLC Board members begins with this letter to open nominations officially today, August 20th, 2020.

MLC Bylaws allow for the annual election of a subset of the board, which provides an element of continuity and facilitates an orderly transition of leadership. This year we will be electing two Board members for 3-year terms. Rob Pease, Tony DeCaria, Betsy Williams, and Lucy Young will be completing their current term on the Board of Directors.

At this time, we are actively seeking two candidates for the board of directors, with at least one being highly skilled in and with marketing experience. If you are interested in either director position please complete the corresponding questionnaire:

Board of Director Position: Marketing Liaison

Board of Director Position: General

An additional requirement is needed if you are interested in becoming the Director of Marketing for the MLC. Please include an example of a Marketing plan for the Global Lean Summit, hosted by the MLC and City of Grand Rapids, MI (details included in the Marketing Liaison Questionnaire).  Please submit your resume and marketing plan by August 31st  2020.

Additionally, we are seeking to build a pool of candidates for future board positions. Please submit the General Board Member questionnaire if you are interested in serving on the board in a future role.

The MLC Board of Directors is a working Board, and positions are not compensated. Board members must be willing and able to participate in four face-to-face meetings each year in various Michigan locations in addition to a regular cadence of conference calls. To supplement board meetings, the work of the board is carried out individually and in groups throughout the year.

Please refer to the current Michigan Lean Consortium Board of Directors or the Bylaws that govern the election process and address the role of the Board of Directors for more information.

Submissions will be reviewed by the Election Committee after the close date to develop a final slate of candidates. Selected candidates will be contacted to gain their acceptance and to gather candidate information for the ballot. Voting will be conducted in early to mid September, and newly elected Board members will be announced to the membership in mid-late September.

If you have any questions about the election process or about serving on the board, please do not hesitate to contact anyone on the Board of Directors. Thank you for considering further service to the Michigan Lean Consortium.


The Michigan Lean Consortium

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