Looking for New Directors! 

Thinking about 2020 MLC Board Elections as the MLC is entering a growth strategy? 

The election cycle for new MLC Board members will begin November 1 when nominations open. Selection follows on November 21, with new Board Members being introduced at the beginning of the year in January 2020.

Now is the time to consider running for an elected position or to think about nominating a qualified candidate. It is preferred that nominees will have demonstrated past commitment and participation in MLC events, projects, training, or other endeavors. Also, this year it is strategically important for the board to seek candidates that have prior board experience, with added benefit for those with non-profit board experience. Lastly, demonstrated experience and willingness in financials and bookkeeping, Lean/CI/Performance or Operational Excellence, commercial/marketing, as well as having a broad network will be evaluated.

The MLC Board of Directors is a 10-person working Board, and positions are not compensated. Board members must be willing and able to participate in five face-to-face meetings each year in various Michigan locations, in addition to bi-monthly conference calls. Those willing to devote time and effort in addition to the board meeting expectations will be given preference.

MLC Bylaws allow for the annual election of a subset of the board, which provides an element of continuity and facilitates an orderly transition. This year we will be electing three Board members for 3-year terms as Brian Devries, Holly Plaga, and Melissa Castro have completed their current terms in office. We would like to thank them for their service and continued support of the MLC.

We look forward to this year’s election of Directors and encourage you to reach out to any current Board member if you have questions. All board members contact information is located on our website michiganlean.org. Please complete the 2020 Board Candidate Application Form.

We will send updated notifications and status of BOD once the on-boarding process is complete.


Rob Pease

MLC Board of Directors, Chair

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