Build With Us: Communities of Practice

We have exciting news on our growth in Lean Communities of Practice. Some of you may remember that we started a Lean Community of Practice for Academia many months ago. Well, now we are up to EIGHT unique COP with a diverse focus. These groups are at different levels of maturity ranging from infancy to already holding coffee chats (virtual right now) and events. What an opportunity for you to become involved in a subject matter that you have a great interest in with other professionals to share Lean information and learnings/experiences.

Be sure to pass this information on to your colleagues that may have a direct interest. Below, you will find the contact information for the Co-Leads of our growing Communities of Practice group. They are very excited to hear from you!

πŸŽ“ Academia

Ruth Archer

Saso Krstovski

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Government

Alen Ganic

Cindy Noe

βš•οΈ Healthcare

Eric Walters

πŸ‘« Human Resources

Conya Hall

Scott Miller

βš–οΈ Legal

Greg Avesian

Drew Sanders

🏭 Manufacturing

Kevin Olds

🀲 Non-Profit

Lauren Wisniewski

πŸ’‘ Utilities

Tamara L Prechtel

Paige Thompson

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