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MLC Event Standardization by Dave Kippen, MLC Events Team Coordinator

Thursday, April 08, 2021 11:42 AM | Andi Barajas (Administrator)

The Events Committee is working on standardizing our offerings to help our membership know what to expect all throughout the year! Thanks to all who filled out the survey, that helped us shape our path forward. Here are a few things you can expect to see take shape very soon:

  • A repeatable “large event” cadence. We understand how important it is to be able to count on some of our favorite events happening at certain times of the year. The Annual Conference, the Healthcare Symposium, and the Grand Rapids Summit are the 3 major events that we plan on standardizing and offering at the same time each year.
  • A repeatable monthly events cadence. Our initial target will be one Gemba event, one Learning event and one Coffee Chat per month. This will help us curate content to fit those different events rather than relying on “whatever comes in” as ideas. Very proactive and thoughtful.
  • A focus on different levels of knowledge. We heard loud and clear that we have not made much of an effort to have events related to folks who are new or just beginning their Lean journey. We plan on fixing this! We plan on equally distributing events in 3 categories: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of Lean. It will not be perfect, but a focus will be made to achieve a better balance.

These changes are very exciting and I hope all our membership will see value in these changes. Bringing knowledge and networking to Lean practitioners in Michigan is what we want to achieve through MLC events. I hope you join one or all of the upcoming amazing opportunities that we will offer!

Dave Kippen

MLC Events Team Coordinator

To learn more about MLC's events, visit the Events and Learning page!

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