To the members of the MLC Community,

We write now to share important new MLC policies about travel and events. Because they will affect all of us in some way, we ask that everyone – members, volunteers, and board members – take the time to read the new policies.

For our Lean community, the current risk level associated with COVID-19 is mixed noting that State hotspots will shift, and the contagion pattern is not well understood. With that uncertainty, we need to make prudent choices to protect the health of our community and the broader communities we belong to, without creating unnecessary disruptions to the normal pursuit of our mission.

These policies represent our best judgment, at this moment, about practical steps we can all take to reduce risk for ourselves and for each other, and they follow the guidance provided by the State of Michigan. Events between now and through the end of April are cancelled, unless we are able to conduct the event in a virtual space. Since future challenges from COVID-19 could disrupt critical MLC functions, we are developing contingency plans. We will evaluate events from May 1 and beyond as that date gets closer, and as the situation presents itself.

We are a non-profit organization, with a large piece of our funding coming from events. These changes are needed for everyone’s safety, which is paramount, but places the MLC in an undesirable position. We encourage each of you to think how you can help limit this financial risk to our organization.

We know that both the spread of this disease and our decisions about it affect not only MLC programs and planning, but the lives of individuals. For many of you, the steps we are taking to protect the health of the community may involve significant inconvenience and personal sacrifice. Please accept our gratitude in advance for your goodwill and understanding.

We hope that you can be sensitive to each other’s burdens in this situation and make accommodations when you can. In this uncertain moment, we have every confidence in our community’s ability to pull together with kindness, care, and concern for the common good.


Robert Pease
MLC Board Chair 

Alan Woodliff
MLC President


The policies below will take effect immediately and stay in place until at least May 1:

  • All events scheduled before May 1 will be cancelled unless they are able to be conducted in a virtual space. Unique additional virtual experiences are being investigated.
  • We will offer new guidance about activities scheduled after May 1 as soon as we can. 

Remote Resources

The MLC and the Lean Community are working hard to compile Remote Resources for our Members and those practicing Lean around Michigan during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote Resources

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