The Murli Group- Lean Supply Chain and Flow Simulation "The Beer Game"

  • Thursday, May 13, 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Virtual (Zoom link will be sent the day before the event)


  • 4 hour virtual simulation "The Beer Game" with Joe and Rob Murli
  • 4 hour simulation "The Beer Game" with Joe and Rob Murli


How do you expand the considerable benefits achieved from your internal Lean efforts? By extending it across your Supply Chain!

In 1990, Jim Womack, Dan Jones, and Daniel Roos wrote a book titled The Machine that Changed the World based on a $5million MIT study of car manufacturing globally. At the time, Japanese imports were gaining popularity because of their reliability and the value they represented. Production in both Europe and the U.S. was in decline. The public was curious to understand the phenomena that helped fuel the book to the best seller list. And yes, it was the first book to use the term “Lean” to describe how Toyota builds cars.

Those of us who worked in manufacturing hung on every word of the book. We hired consultants, took trips to Japan, and visited other businesses here in the U.S. to learn as much as we could about this new thing called Lean. We disaggregated our specialty departments and built manufacturing “cells” that vastly improved flow to the customer. One major blind spot remained throughout many of the conversions that took place- the Supply Chain that provided the inputs to these cells! Oh and by the way… this was happening just as companies were outsourcing more than ever before!

So while we “Leaned out” internal operations, our warehouses filled up with materials while our model cells operated in fits and starts as the steady flow of input materials remained elusive.  

Please join us for a discussion on Lean Supply Chain Design and Management where we will be discussing the principles and techniques for developing a Lean Supply Chain that is integrated with your own internal operations. To illustrate these concepts, we will be using a modernized interactive version of The Beer Game Simulation!

Facilitators: Joe and Rob Murli


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