Lean Operational Excellence Simulation

  • Wednesday, October 24, 2012
  • 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Michigan Tech Lakeshore Center, Community Room 123, 600 East Lakeshore Drive, Houghton, MI 49931
  • 9


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Session Description

This workshop is designed to demonstrate how Lean Operational Excellence differs from traditional operations. 

In addition to providing an overview of Lean Thinking, attendees will participate in a hands-on learning simulation that demonstrates the difference between traditional operations employing specialized departments, batch processing and push scheduling and Lean Operational Excellence employing continuous flow, visual management, pull scheduling & standard work. 

During round 1 of the simulation, work will transfer from department to department routed through inspection to “ensure” quality while participants track baseline metrics of productivity, quality, throughput time and investment cost. 

During round 2, participants will identify waste before redesigning the process for continuous flow, pull and standard work and utilizing this improved process participants will experience the benefits of Lean Operational Excellence.  The workshop and simulation will enable participants to see and understand the impact on business performance as we compare the baseline metrics to those achieved from the Lean environment. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the fundamental difference between traditional operations and Lean.
  • Learn how to utilize Lean Thinking to identify and eliminate process waste.
  • Begin thinking about ways in which you can apply Lean process improvements to achieve operational excellence in your organization.

Join us for this fun and educational experience and take home tools that you can use to demonstrate the potential impact from Lean implementation at your organization. 

Registration and light breakfast begins at 8:30 am. 

Session Leaders

Howard Weston is Managing Partner at KWA North with offices in Michigan and Florida.  KWA was formed in 1984, to assist organizations in their Lean Enterprise transformation process through the development of implementation solutions supported by training and mentoring designed to facilitate knowledge transfer for successful and sustainable results.  Prior to joining KWA, Howard spent 15 years in industry holding leadership positions in manufacturing, materials, engineering, finance and project management while guiding Lean/Six Sigma transformation initiatives.  He has facilitated team-based improvement projects at companies throughout North America, 

Mexico, Europe and Asia.  Howard serves on the MLC event and project committees and is the recipient of the MLC Distinguished Service Award.

Mike Taubitz and Larry Osentoski are partners in Sustainable Lean LLC.  They have over 60 years of combined organizational management experience that covers government, military, and commercial work environments. The partners have complementary work skills that cover management of nearly every discipline and industry. Mike Taubitz spent most of his career at General Motors in a variety of engineering, HR and safety positions. He currently serves as Secretary to the Board of the Michigan Lean Consortium and Co-chairs the National Lean & Safe Network. 

Larry Osentoski has devoted his career to developing leading edge technology for commercial, military and government clients. Larry is best known for using lean thinking while pioneering telediagnostic system design in the commercial and military markets. Larry was a founding member of the Connected Vehicle Trade Association where he served on the Board of Directors and also served on the DaimlerChrysler Diagnostics Council.  Sustainable Lean LLC was an outgrowth of a recent consulting contract with 

Michigan Tech University.


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