2016 Conference Presentations

Thank you to our presenters who were kind enough to share their presentations with us for the website!

Keynote Speakers:

Karen Ruedinger

Betty Gratopp

Teresa Hay McMahon

Breakout Session Options for Day 1 (August 3):

1. “It's Not Just About Bricks & Mortar: A New Way of Doing Business” by Annette Hartner

2. “Rapid Improvement Event in Cytology Department” by Emily Summers

3. “Leading Change, Transition & Transformation” by Dennis Sergent

4. “Lean Product, Process …R&D Results” by Larry Navarre

5. "Troubleshooting" or "Problem Solving"? Does it matter? What's the difference? by Renee Lower, Kim Meszaros & Tim Menke from DTE Energy

1. “Learning to See the Past, Present & Next Frontier” by Ruth Archer

2. “Strategic Lean” by Phil Berry

3. “Visual VSM-Process Mapping & Extracting IT Systems Requirements” by Mark Krebs

4. “The Active Learning Model; A Lean Approach to Learning” by Rich Wolin

Breakout Session Options for Day 2 (August 4):

1. “Creating a Highly Engaging, Sustainable Skill Development System” by Matt Albin

2. “Patient Centered Medical Homecare - Transforming Ambulatory Care” by Deb Schepperly

3. “Systems Mapping - How to Make VSM More Effective” by Dennis Sergent

4. “Case Report - Mid-Size Govt. Agency Success with Meaningful Lean Pilot” by Les Sutherland

1. “You Are The 'Secret Sauce' - Leading Alignment in Lean Implementation” by Ron Crabtree

2. “Basic CI 8 Simple Steps to Org. Improvement & EE engagement” by Caitlyn Theisen

3. “Developing a Lean Supply Chain” by Troy Tungate

OPTIONAL 4 Hour Workshops on Day 3 (August 5):

1. “Improvement Kata Workshop” by Rick Fleming

2. “Developing Mapping Analysis Skills – How to Recognize Opportunities” by Les Sutherland

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