Upcoming + Planned MLC Events!

Upcoming events

Year: 2024

1January, 2024
Jan 12 MLC Lean Coffee Chat––Gemba Walks
Jan 19 Gemba Tour - Sebright Products Inc.
Feb 16 MLC Lean Coffee Chat––Maximizing Office Lean Events
Feb 29 Lean Book Discussion Group--Improve LESS by Chad Bareither
Mar 15 Grand Rapids Lean Summit
Mar 22 MLC Lean Coffee Chat––Mastering Engagement: The Cardinal Rule of Problem Solving
Apr 12 Gemba Tour - Meijer
Apr 19 MLC Lean Coffee Chat––The Toyota Way, Scientific Thinking and Leadership
Apr 25 Lean Book Discussion Group--Avoiding the Continuous Appearance Trap by Patrick Adams
May 17 MLC Lean Coffee Chat––Embracing Uncomfortable: Leading Through Uncertainty
May 31 LEVEL 1 Yellow Belt with The Lean Learning Center
May 31 3-Day Green Belt with The Lean Learning Center
May 31 5-Day Green Belt with The Lean Learning Center
Jun 07 Gemba Tour - Consumers Energy
Jun 14 MLC Lean Coffee Chat––Understanding Lean Six Sigma Belt Levels
Jun 27 Lean Book Discussion Group--Take The Ride Of Your Life by Joyce Weiss
Jul 19 MLC Lean Coffee Chat––Lean & DemingNEXT: Connecting Deming’s Teachings with Lean Principles to Improve Performance
Aug 13 2024 MLC Annual Conference—We Have NEVER Done It This Way!
Aug 22 Lean Book Discussion Group--Steel Toes and Stilettos by Shannon Karels & Kathy Miller
Oct 24 Lean Book Discussion Group--The Kind Leader by Karyn Ross
Dec 19 Lean Book Discussion Group--How’s the Culture in Your Kingdom? by Dan Cockerell
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